By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.
Excerpted from Smoldering Embers

Lovemaking Story

I lay on the bed and looked around the room feeling quite pleased with myself. Everything was in place. There was no doubt that Janice could be nothing but mesmerized by the end of the evening.

I had a special treat in store for her. After a long talk last week, Janice had told me that she would find our sex more satisfying if sometimes I paid a little extra attention to her afterwards. "A little afterplay would be nice," she had said.

Since I had the foreplay down pat, I had assumed that I was doing everything she needed. I figured a little holding afterwards was sufficient and she agreed it was most of the time, but occasionally would like a little more. So I spent the entire week planning a way to make a special ending for her; a grand finale that would knock her socks off.

It was Friday and Janice always got home later than me on Friday. We always had sex on Friday. Not sure why, but somehow it always turned out to be our night. Of course, there would be other sporadic nights through the week, but we could always count on Friday as a sure bet.

I met Janice at the door and when she sat down at the table to remove her shoes I removed them for her and gently massaged her feet. Attention to Janice's feet was an immediate turn on for her, so her sexy mode was now in gear. Then I kissed my way up her calves and meandered under her skirt and across her thighs and stopped just short of her bush.

Janice moaned with pleasure and I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom where I had drawn her a nice hot bath. Slowly I undressed her and then slipped in behind her.

The hot water melted away our tensions as Janice relaxed her body against mine, with her back against my abdomen, and her head against my chest.

I caressed her breasts gently with soapy hands and she melted deeper against me. My cock began to harden and throb against her lower back. Janice could feel my excitement grow against her and she began to sway her body back and forth a bit, which made me grow harder and more erect, while I kissed the sides of her neck passionately.

With desires mounting quickly, Janice pulled herself upwards bringing her buttocks over my swollen head and shaft. Then leaning forward slightly and holding onto the sides of the tub she brushed the backside of her bush against my shaft, then slicker than butter I slid between her legs and became lost within her depths.

Janice cried out as she lifted herself up and down and I pulled her butt close to my groin, which took me deeper within her. Holding her tight with one hand around the waist I reached around her with the other hand and very easily found her excited clit and with the firm, rapid pressure that she loves I enticed her to the edge as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock.

"Oh, baby, I'm not going to last much longer," I whispered as she filled my body with exquisite pleasure.

"Come for me baby, come for me," I coached as I rubbed more vigorously and she rocked faster and harder.

Her legs tensed against my thighs, her clit twitched against my finger, her pussy spasmed against my cock and she whimpered short passionate moans of delight as she reached her heights.

Now thrusting herself faster up and down upon me, the water splashed all over the floor as I let loose and thrust with her; deeper and deeper inside her I delved. Now I was also holding the sides of the tub, as my mind and body reached an incredible euphoria.

With our legs and arms tired from supporting ourselves, we collapsed again in the water. Janice resumed her position against me. Her head leaning against my pounding chest and her lower back now against my soft and completely satisfied cock.

I wrapped my arms around her and softly caressed her breasts once again, this time not for stimulation, but for comfort and closeness. She nestled closer to me as I held her tight.

Then I stepped out of the tub and took her by the hand to help her out. I reached for the softest, fluffiest towel we owned, which I had set out earlier and slowly dried her lovely body, patting and dabbing her like I was using a powder puff.Over her slightly sagging, but beautiful breasts, her big brown nipples, her curvy waist and voluptuous hips. I began to get somewhat aroused again as I admired her body.

Once dry from head to toe, I carried her into the bedroom where I had several soft candles burning. The faint aroma of beeswax filled the room and added a soft touch to the air. I had put Janice's favorite blues music in the CD player, and as I lay her on the bed, I hit the play button.

Once Janice was comfy on the bed I reached under the bed and presented her with a rose.

"You felt fantastic, baby, I love you," I whispered as I handed it to her.

Janice's deep green eyes brimmed with tears. I knew I had achieved my goal. We snuggled and cuddled for a while and then to my surprise, Janice showed her appreciation by slipping between my legs and wrapping her hot, wet lips around my cock and sucking me into oblivion.

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